Last month, I sold our home of 20 years in Lexington and we have bought and moved into a condo, right in downtown Boston. (Note: my KW office remains in Lexington/Concord)

I often get asked, as a Realtor, and by my friends, “How does it feel to leave the comfort of a spacious home in a leafy suburb – where the kids grew up – and live in limited space in the hustle, bustle, noise and chaos of the city?”

From my personal experience, it does take a mental shift and a change of routine. Constant comparisons don’t work well – as each place is so very different. It may not be for everyone, but overall city life can be very enjoyable and surprisingly comfortable – for empty nesters.

Changing longstanding habits can come as a bit of a shock to the system. For example, not jumping into the car for every errand or grocery item is good for me. But not hearing the birds chirp while drinking my morning cup of Joe and not seeing the foliage change from the kitchen window, etc., seems a little harder.

Embracing the changes has been invigorating. I am convinced that finding ‘my new normal’ is a journey in itself!

Moving into the city has helped with –

  • A sense of liberation – the move helped us get rid of many years of accumulation (… and by that I don’t mean our lovely children).
  • My walking legs – walking to groceries, theater, concerts, shopping, coffee shops galore, and restaurants is great.
  • Additional regular exercise (all that walking) – without having to make the time for it.
  • City vistas – if you are lucky enough to get them from your condo have a lot of charm. Sunrise and sparkling city nights.
  • Regular visits from the kids – as they have so much more to do in Boston!
  • Something interesting always on – movies, plays, shows, games and endless people watching opportunities, it is all here.
  • No more snow plowing, landscaping and endless chores as you rattle around the empty house.
  • A new diverse community around us; neighbors of all generations, younger and older, partaking in city life.

Yes, there is excitement at starting afresh at this stage of our lives and it makes sense too!

If you or someone you know is thinking about a move to the city or just downsizing – give me a call.

As always, I would love to help with all your real estate needs and answer any questions you, or your friends, may have – so do not hesitate to reach out.

Best wishes,